Welcome on kocotian.pl webpage!


Welcome on my webpage! I am 15 years old conservative liberal from Poland. I am fan and happy user of free, open, intuitive and non bloated software like dwm, st, mpd, vim. I use Arch btw.

In last time I also created simple blog using my new tool called llog, this blog will be more like a random thing related board with informations about updates in my programs, some articles, tutorial, you can find it here:


On this page you can also see best articles from the blog:


Free time

In my free time, I am usually tweaking my Arch distro or I am creating free and open source software, which can be seen here:


Contact with me!

You can also send me email for which i will respond when i will have some free time:


My workflow

I am using dwm on two monitors with st and other suckless / minimalistic software. This section will grow later.
There is some screenshots of my workflow:

editing this page
Editing this page

hacking layout
A "hacking" or "unixporn" layout 😂🤣

My cat

I have an animal - my cat. Here is his photo:

you@kocotian.pl ~ $ cat /usr/bin/cat
my cat
you@kocotian.pl ~ $