I have a few hobbies, some of them are more interesting, some of them are boring like installing Windows 10.

Human languages

I was inspired by Luke Smith to learn latin. And that was a great decision in my life! I learn latin from November 2020, and even if I'm not a master in this language, I could communicate in basic level with other latin speaker. You would say that learning latin in 21nd century is just waste of time, but you are probably wrong. Many languages including English have their roots in latin language. And latin is just awesome.

From an March 2021 I also started learning russian, so my skills in languages are:

Machine languages

I really like programming. I started from writing simple graphical web browser, next went through C++, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Python and ended with C, Assembly, stac and maybe in the near future, with npc, ls and many other things...

First steps

My programming passion started with a simple web browser. First language that I used was Visual Basic. Code was created using Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition. I was around 11 years old when I wrote this first in my life program. This small web browser used Microsoft Internet Explorer as an engine, I expanded its code and the browser was getting bigger. I also created many other projects with VB, most notable were "Operating system" (just an overlay with hardcoded apps), simple Text-To-Speech synthesizer, Calculator, and many other things.
Unfortunately, my all VB projects are gone.

Second steps

After coding in VB for maybe 2 years, I started my journey with C++. In C++, I created many things including very simple game engine working on windows's CMD with windows.h API, but most notable of newer creations are:

Current steps

Now I am programming mostly in C. I am also making my own programming language called LinuxScript, but name may change in the future. My most notable C projects:


I also really like music! I currently play on keyboard, accordion and melodica.

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