About me

My name is Kacper Kocot, but around the net, I am better known as kocotian. I am 15 years old boy from Poland, and I am interested in low-level computing from software level.
You can see my hobbies here!


I use ThinkPad T420s as my main production machine. It is a great machine in 2021. For me, it have enough and even more power than I need. I plan to get ThinkPad X220 as secondary machine, which I will probably coreboot.


Operating system

I am using Arch Linux (more precisely Artix Linux) with a custom-compiled kernel and my own dwm build as my operating system and window manager of choice. If you are interested in my dwm build, you can look here:

dwm on my git server:

Static webpage: git.kocotian.pl/dwm
Clone with: git clone git://git.kocotian.pl/dwm.git

I also tried Void Linux with musl and it's great distro, but unfortunately, some fonts doesn't work, and my dwm build is broken because compilation with musl sometimes breaks and I could not compile libxft-bgra. Also, I could not compile a kernel. Last thing that is missing for me is AUR. I know that it's impossible to use AUR in Void, because Void doesn't use pacman, and repositories are not compatible.

I used Parabola GNU/Linux-libre for some time on my old Hykker Hello laptop. I didn't have drivers for Wi-Fi and for audio then, and this notebook doesn't have Ethernet (it is a small, thin, 11.6' laptop).
That was a good distro.

Window manager

My window-manager of choice is of course my highly customized build of dwm. Now, I can not imagine life without dwm, even though I didn't want to switch from i3. When I want to give my dwm more features, I just go to patches webpage in suckless.org website and search for it, and if it's not "available", I just code it myself.

I wrote separate article with comparision of i3 and dwm (and why dwm is superior), which you can see here:

Comparision: i3 vs dwm

I used i3 for a pretty long time, but now, after using dwm for a long time and highly customizing it, i3 is now horrible for me. Why? So...

Check this article here.

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