Welcome to my webpage!

My name is Kacper Kocot, but around the net, I am better known as kocotian. I am 15 years old boy from Poland, and I am interested in low-level computing from software level.
I am using Arch Linux with a custom-compiled kernel and my own dwm build as my operating system and window manager of choice on my ThinkPad T420s which is my main machine. I also plan to get ThinkPad X220 as secondary, mobile machine.
You can read more about me here

Under construction

This website is now under construction, so most of things will not work, and you will get 404's. Be right back!


To contact me, you can write e-mail to me, for which I will respond in my free time:



Git server

You can also track my coding activity on my git server:


Also check

I highly recommend to visit these sites recommended by me:

My projects

I am doing many projects right now. Some of them are big, some are smaller. Most of them are programs wrote in C. You can see them here.

My cat

Also, on the end, my cat. Click on the photo, and you will go to hidden gallery.

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